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I have been showing and breeding dogs for longer than I would like to admit...20+ years.  And, foolishly felt that I knew a lot about training my dogs for the show ring.  I would take them out to socialize them when they were young, go to handling classes, etc.  However, there came the day when one of my puppies proved to me that I knew nothing and there was a lot I needed to learn.  That what I knew was old school, out dated, and mostly detrimental to the well being of my relationship with my dogs especially the ones that were a bit insecure.  I asked around and a friend of mine had told me about Sue Conklin who was teaching a number of classes at a training facility near my house.  I contacted her and she agreed to come over and see what the problem was that I was having with particular puppy.

I won't go into all the things that I had done wrong to create the problems with my puppy, but will just say that we went from a puppy that would not come out of her crate when she saw I had a leash in my hand to a dog that not only came running when she saw her leash but went on to train to be shown at an upcoming Specialty. Since then I haven't made a training move without consulting with Sue.   

Sue has an instinct an innate way of knowing how the dog is feeling, positive or negative. She not only helps us train our dogs but she also trains US, which helps us be better dog owner. 

Rubicon(R) AKC Greyhounds and Norwich Terriers

Dear Sue,

Andrew and I are most grateful for the expertise you shared and the patience you showed with us during our series of training sessions with Moby. It is most evident that you are an expert in your field, and not only a trainer but a lover of dogs. Moby responded so well to you. You left us with a wealth of information that we will be able to use to continue our training with Moby. Again, we thank you.


 Diana and Andrew Gilbert


 Thanks!  Things are moving along nicely with Sammy and Cody.  Right now, we are working on correcting our own responses to Sammy’s whining, jumping, and pawing before exposing her to a guest. Cody is doing MUCH better with the possession problems with his bone-now he just drops it on command.  More than anything, I have learned how much of a difference it makes with both of the dogs with positive reinforcement. The Nothing in Life is Free program has worked very well for both of them.

 Sarah Primeau Oliver

Hi, Sue

William and I have been thinking over the last couple of weeks of any suggestions or improvements that might be made to the training experience that we had.  We have not been able to think of even one thing that we would have liked done differently!!!  We were really so pleased with the knowledge and training tools that you shared with us.  Everything was handled in such a professional manner.  In particular, it was great that you could come to our house for the training.  It made it logistically convenient for us, but also allowed you to see the complete picture of our dogs’ environment (our two energetic sons, the crates, etc., etc.)  I think that helped so much and I believe it was a more successful experience because of that rather than if we had come to the class...  It seemed like you could really get a grasp on some of the unique challenges that we were facing in our particular home...  I would recommend that people sign up for the in-home training.  You were so easy to talk to and really understood the craziness and frustrations that new puppy owners face.  After the first session, William and I both felt like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders as we finally had someone that could understand the problems and help us with some really constructive solutions!!!!!

...  I will tell anyone who I find out is getting a new puppy that it is a “must” that they contact you!  The time and money was some of the best we ever spent.  Please feel free to use our name and number as a reference.



Thank you.  We had a wonderful time in class.  I have been to several basic obedience classes and I will say you were the most captivating, enjoyable and with the addition of the last classes games, etc., the most fun.  Thank you again for everything. 

Janine, Lindsay and Cosmo

Dear Sue,

Words can not express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the quality one-on one training service that you have provided in the Obedience Training and Development of our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, Zulu.

The connection and bond between you and Zulu was instantaneous during the first session and continued to develop for all the sessions. Your skill, personality,  patience and subtle approach made a difference for us and for Zulu. We could have not asked for a more memorable and nicer experience. You are truly a master at what you do.

Your services were well worth the money and time we invested.....We truly enjoyed working with you and following your simple instructions to achieving excellent puppy behavior.

Respectfully and with sincere gratitude

 George P. King

**Zulu completed a Basic Training group class at Speedy Paws and George and Monica have plans to add another Ridgeback to their family.


A couple of months ago Greenville Animal Control left a warning on my door concerning my dog Macy. The warning was an issue with “Disturbance”. Specifically, I had a neighbor that had an issue with Macy’s barking. At first I tried to give her the Kong toys. My thinking was this would keep her busy and stop her from barking. This worked for about 3-4 days.  After the fourth day, Macy went back to her barking.

When the toys did not work, I called you for help. I thought your evaluation of Macy’s situation, through the questionnaire, was helpful. The final diagnosis you gave was separation anxiety. I will be honest, I was a little concerned when you said it would be best for Macy to stay inside during the day. I am sure you understood my concern when you witnessed first hand what Macy did to some of the rooms inside the house.

After the training session we went through, I diligently followed the instructions you gave me to train Macy to stay inside. After a few weeks, Macy has taken well to staying inside the house. Macy is going on her second week of staying inside and has not torn up the first item. Best of all, I don’t have to go to court over this issue.

Thanks for the advice you gave. I have referred you to a few people already and will call you in the future when the need arises.


Follow-up from Sue – Marc called several weeks later. Macy had clawed at the door one day. We spoke and I gave him a few new ideas. Marc called back about a week later to say that Macy had settled back into her “Good Dog” routine and was doing fine.

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