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If you are interested in private Conformation training, please contact Sue for information.

I am not a handler. My focus has always been on performance events - Agility, Rally, Disc Dog, etc - But in the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with several owners and dogs specifically for the conformation ring.

I have had great success training puppies and young dogs for the breed ring. My method of choice is a clicker. Clicker training is a wonderful way to teach a dog to stand still, stack and gait.

Using a clicker, I have also has great success helping dogs with behavior issues including dog aggression and hand shyness, both of which are a huge problem in the show ring.

My clients have won many classes, and finished several champions. I am especially proud of the young dogs who have won Best Puppy classes and Futurity classes at local shows and National Specialties.

If you have a conformation dog with any behavior issues or if you want to learn more about clicker training puppies and dogs for the conformation ring, contact me. Puppies can be started as young as 10 weeks of age! Because clicker training is totally positive, puppies learn to love their training games.

I am available to speak to and teach your club or group about Clicker Training for the Breed Ring.

Contact info: call 864-907-2599
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All the dogs below were clicker trained.

Pam Rubinstein with "Duncan"

Duncan is currently showing as a special with multiple BIS wins. He won BOB at Westminister in 2012 and was the  #1 Greyhound in the country, all systems in 2012.

Pam has several finished champions that were exclusively clicker trained.

Terri Kiker and
Laurel Atlantis Iresistable I-Con-Tact  - "Icon"

Icon finished his Championship in 2012 and his Grand Championship in 2014.

  Mallory Ulmer and Sachi finish her Championship

Katrina Starwyck and Scottish Deerhound Dottie

Black Russian Terrier "Rudy", owner: Jeannie Stoddard

Cavalier King Charles Sapniel "Winston" at his first show, owner Brian Worthington

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