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Agility, Nose Work and more


Our new outdoor Agility field is complete!
It is located at the
Animal Rehab Clinic
109 Monroe Drive
  Simpsonville SC.

Introduction to Obstacles
This class is for beginners. In this class, we will introduce your dog to Agility obstacles in a safe way, building confidence and focus.

Jumps, Tunnels, A-Frame, Dogwalk, teeter and more. Heights will be low, and you will learn how to teach your dog to safely negotiate equipment.

You must complete an Agility Skills class to join this class.

Class is limited to 6 dogs.

6 weeks - $150

Contact Sue for start of the next class


Agility 101

This class is for students who have completed Intro to Obstacles and Agility Skills classes.

We will be working on combinations, contacts, and handling skills.

This class is suitable for dogs 6 months and older. Class is limited to 6 dogs.

6 weeks - $150 - This is a Drop-in class - You will purchase a 6 class punch card
and come when you can.

Tuesdays at 6:00 PM
Thursdays at 10:00 AM

For updates on new classes, visit
The Puppy Nanny's Facebook page:

To register for a class email Sue

click the pic


Agility Skills Class

Contact Sue for the date
of the next Skills class

4 weeks - $100

This class will be held at
The Puppy Nanny's Place.

Class will be limited to 4 dogs

Agility skills class is for those who have not taken Agility classes or those who want
to brush up on some handling skills.
You and your dog will learn important
basic skills that you will need to

participate in Agility.

  • Dog Skills;
    • Start line stays
    • Recalls and focus
    • Targeting - for contact obstacles
    • Go arounds - for jumping
    • Rear end awareness
  • Handler skills;
    • Food placement
    • Transport
    • Hand and body cues

To register, email Sue,


Your dog loves to use his nose!

Come join us at
The Puppy Nanny's Place for
Nose Work Fun
for you and

Nose Work is the perfect sport for
 dogs of all ages, sizes,  and breeds.
Nose Work is based on the same principles used to train dogs to detect explosives or narcotics. We make classes fun for you and your dog. Training is designed to bring out your dog's natural searching ability and love of scent. Nose Work training can help build confidence, give your dog great mental stimulation, and burn off lots of energy.

Nose Work is also great fit for dogs that are shy or sensitive. As each dog works separately, it gives all dogs an environment where they can work, focus, and have fun.

Click the picture to see our Nose Work video

Introduction to Nose Work Class:
This is a 6 week class that will introduce you dog to odor, the fun of searching, and start to develop an alert behavior.

This class will also introduce handlers
to the sport of Nose Work.

6 weeks - $160
Contact Sue for the start of the next class

If competition is your goal, you can progress to advanced classes that cover
all aspects of NACSW, PSD, AKC and
UKC Nose Work Competition.

Once you have completed the Intro class,
you may join one of our ongoing classes.
Ongoing Classes are Open Enrollment.

This means that you can start at any time,
as long as there is space in the class.

You will buy 6 classes for $160.

You will have 8 weeks to use your classes,
so if you have to miss a week due to illness
or travel, you will still get to attend 6 classes.

Evening Classes
Thursdays at 6:00 PM

Daytime classes
Wednesdays at 10:30 AM

Dogs should be comfortable waiting in your car, crated in the building, or lying on a mat while waiting their turn.

Space is limited, to register email Sue


Exteriors Class
Date TBA

$30 per team

The 11 am class is geared to those getting ready for and/or NW1 teams . There will be at least 2 different search areas, you will be searching for Birch.

The 1 pm class will work with Birch, Anise, and Clove. There will be at least 2 different search areas and multiple hides.

There will be a limit of 5 dogs per class.

Each class will last about 1 ½ hours.

FMI or to reserve a spot, email Sue

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