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As a horse trainer for over 20 years, I found the teachings of the ‘Horse Whisperers’ Monty Roberts and John Lyons who trained without force. My goal was to train animals without force. I learned to develop relationship based training methods. For over 15 years I worked with horses using a gentle approach. My husband and I managed Thoroughbred horse farms in Ohio, MD. and PA. Using gentle techniques to handle and train race horses.

When career changes brought me back to the dog world, I made it my mission to teach dogs without force by teaching dog owners to develop leadership and build a better relationship with their dogs. Since that time, I have attended classes, seminars, and conferences, read books and watched videos to learn all that I could about dog training and behavior.

Beagle puppy Loretta - Milroc Get Back Loretta - is the newest addition to the family. Loretta has started training in Nose Work, and will show in Conformation in 2015.
I have plans to show her in Agility and Obedience too.

My Border Collie Lucky appeared on television and was an AKC Canine Good Citizen. Lucky was adopted at 5 months of age when he became aggressive towards his former owner’s children. He went on to earn numerous titles in Agility and Rally Obedience. He was one of the first 16 dogs in the country to earn a Rally Obedience title R1MCL (Rally, Level 1, Magna Cum Laude) from APDT in 2000. He also held a Rally Excellent title from AKC and passed a Herding Instinct Test. Sadly we lost Lucky to cancer in 2012.

My Border Collie, Brody has competed successfully in Agility with titles and placements in both AKC and USDAA competitions. He earned his AKC Rally Novice title early in 2008. Brody has also appeared in a film and competes in Frisbee Toss and Fetch. Brody currently competes in AKC Rally and Obedience events.

I have been featured on local TV shows speaking about dog training and safety. Currently, I appear regularly on WSPA's Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly. I have appeared on the Montel Williams Show with other dog trainers. I have given demonstrations on Obedience and Training at Pet Expos, been interviewed about training techniques for articles
in national dog magazines, and written training articles for local newspapers.

I have taught more than 2000 dogs and their owners. Some of my graduates have gone on to become Search and Rescue and Pet Therapy dogs. Graduates have appeared on television and been shown in Agility and Rally Obedience. Most have simply become beloved family pets.

Moving to South Carolina in 2004, I worked at Top Dog LTD in Greenville teaching classes for Puppies, Basic Training, Advanced Training, CGC, Agility and Rally Obedience. I taught group classes for Puppy, Basic and CGC at Speedy Paws in Greenville for over 3 years.

I started The Puppy Nanny LLC in June 2006 and opened The Puppy Nanny's Place in Simpsonville SC
in January 2010.

Running my own dog training business has long been a dream of mine. Becoming "The Puppy Nanny"
has fulfilled that dream.

* Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (#961)

* Certified AKC STAR Puppy instructor and evaluator.

* Certified to teach Red Cross Pet CPR

Mentor Trainer for the Animal Behavior College of California.

* Voted Best Dog Trainer in the Upstate 2010 and 2013



I believe that participating in continuing education is one of the most important things that any trainer can do. Learning new techniques and exploring new ideas on behavior and training helps create a better trainer. Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best.


Seminars, classes and workshops attended;

Agility                                      Behavior

Abbie Tamber                         Chris Bach              Nicole Wilde

Jen Pinder                               Sue Sternberg         Dr. Sophia Yin

Julie Daniels                            Trish King             Ray Coppinger

Stewart Mah 
Melanie Miller
Loretta Meuller                        


Canine Massage                       Clicker

Maria Glinski                           Clicker Expo 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016     

Optisage-1995 Graduate          Karen Pryor

                                                 Kathy Sdao


Obedience/Rally                      Various

Jack and Wendy Volhard         2001 APDT Conference

Pam Dennison                         2003, 2004, 2005 Natural Dog Expo

Hannah Brannigan                  2010 APDT Conference

Bit Jordan                                2016 Fenzi Dog Sports Camp


ANNA with Central Asian Shepherd ASTRID

Anna teaches Puppy and Good Manners Classes at The Puppy Nanny's Place.
  She also offers a Hiking With Your Dog class and other workshops during the year.

I have worked with dogs since 1997. I got my start at a vet's office in high school and in college started working with aggressive dogs. I found that most "aggressive" behavior problems are primarily due to a lack of socialization and fundamental training during puppy-hood and adolescence. I began teaching manners and social skills classes in 2005.

I primarily use positive reinforcement techniques based on classical and operant conditioning. I believe that every dog is an individual so I tailor my training to suit each dog with which I work.

I specialize in so-called "stubborn" and "hard-to-train breeds. I learned a lot about training from a female Chow mix named Eve and a male Borzoi named Chili. I have a female Central Asian Shepherd Dog named Astrid, and have recently welcomed Sage, a female English Shepherd into the family. Astrid and Sage are not only family companions, but working farm dogs on my small farm that includes goats, ducks and chickens.

Lini, a female American Hairless Terrier is my little lap dog.

I give lectures and demonstrations on Livestock Guardian Dogs and I compete in conformation, rally obedience, and lure coursing, Sage is in training as a herding dog. I'm also an avid
hiker and backpacker and naturally my dogs accompany me on these trips.


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